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Wednesday, September 5, 2012
Hey you!

Oh mein Gott! Can't believe it! Carlos, Joaquim, Gabriel, Juan, Aitor, Javier, Crespo, Iñigo, Antonio, Víctor, Manu, Jima, Alicia, Jose, Isabel, Pedro, Andreas, Joel, Julien, Kurt, Karsten, Thomas, Stefan, Jörg, Paloma, Robert, Michael, Hugo, Sally, Oscar, Stephanie, Christian, Celine, Susana, Adrien, Pilar, Benoit, Jesús, Teresa, Emma, William, Joris, Hana, Dominik, Adam, John, Henar, Alex, Xavi, Dan, Ana, Ross, Mark, Nacho, Carme, Angel, Max, Justin, Katie, Rafa, Jack, Bart, Jaime, Matthew, Anand, Stephan, Toon, Frank, Chiqui, Rebeca, Vijaya, Mitchell, Ian, Hilary, Rubén, Albert and to you, and the rest of people I have ever worked for or have the pleasure to work with, listen, I am starting a blog.

Because blogging matters

Over the last one and a half decades I have worked for uncountable people in quite a lot of projects. I have developed in a few different programming languages, from Cobol in MVS (what a cage) through Java (the enterprise mess) to C (true love), C++, Bash scripting, Perl, PHP, Python (code poetry), Ruby (beautiful syntax) and Javascript (the unique Web language). And all I can say on what I coded is that I enjoyed the time but barely remember the details.

I proudly started using Linux in 1994, it was the best thing that could happen to an advocate developer, and it turned out that it was for years time. Linux was, and it already is and seems to will be, the most beautiful instance of the concept of freedom brought to technology, the open OS under which to develop pretty much anything. Few years later I discovered Emacs, and ever since both, Linux and Emacs, became the most stable and fundamental places I have work in. They outlasted offices, customers, companies I have worked for. They always have been there to make things happen.

I could say I had a lot of fun on my early days with Linux. Tuning the kernel to make it work with my SCSI disk in 1994, installing a Debian Potato in 2001 in an IBM NetFinity 4500R with a hardware Raid controller not officially supported, or putting a SuSE in an AS/400 in 2001 for an annual conference in IBM Spain. If I try to remember the details all I can say today with no written trace is that what I did was fun, that I enjoyed the time and the feelings of challenge. But it would have been better if I had started a blog at that time. There is almost no trace of what I did. Not even for my heir to read, lucky them.

I barely remember what I did 5 years ago or above, I mean in detail. And struggle to remember what I did last month. (Baby sitting). It often happens that I read a blog and I like the story, and I feel like I should write a blog. But it didn't happend today. Because today, dear all, I am starting a blog.

If you read the about page you may quickly figure out what are the topics I am going to tackle here. I have put some code together to create this site and honour the fact that I am a developer, so I will probably write about coding, start-ups and the parallel universe I live in, that is the same as yours but observed with my glasses.

And to celebrate all this and that today is my 39th birthday you can sing a Happy birthday to me.

Why to start now?
  1. Because now is better than later when it's all about starting today.
  2. Because I can write what I think, no matter whether nobody's out there.
  3. Because actually there are bodies out there, and will read what I write.
  4. Because my customers will know what's in the box apart from the bill...
  5. Because I don't look like in that photo, really!
  6. Because getting an audience is a social challenge for any human being.
  7. Because opinion matters. And the difficult ones take some writing, mostly over 140 chars.
  8. Because it doesn't feel right to write in web social artefacts what one wish to have at hand in years time.
  9. Because we are what we left written.
  10. Because all of that here starts my dose.

September 5, 2012  -  Joaquim
... and I am really glad to read your thoughts and comments; your clever view of things is an inspiration for me. Happy, happy birthday Daniel!
September 6, 2012  -  danirus
Thank you Joaquim! :)

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