Website of Daniel Rus Morales

A creative software engineer devoted to
Internet development and start-ups.


Over the past 19 years I have developed software solutions for customers and start-ups and taught programming and Internet services in companies and institutions.

During this time I have tackled a variety of problems and wrote code in many programming languages. I enjoy thinking and developing new technics to solve complex situations.

I am passionate about programming and spend quite some time doing it. I particularly code in Python, C and C++ under Linux.

Checkout my LinkedIn profile. I'm also in GitHub, Twitter and G+.

As a start-up member I co-founded Asegura2 in Spain in 1999, an insurance market oriented B2B start-up. in 2001 in Spain. And Witmeet in Belgium in 2010, a social web service to meet people in person and speak foreign languages. During the Spring of 2012 I built Rabazz in Switzerland, a rewards platform for mobile games.

Checkout my contact page in case you were looking to hire me.

Daniel Rus Morales

I live with my wife, my son and my daughter in Munich, Germany. Originally from Spain I have moved countries 3 times (Germany, UK, Belgium).

I love mountains. I grew up around mountains and made my first steps in the Pyrenees. Long time after I enjoyed the beauty of the Alps in South Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

I am an idealist who wishes more justice, less hunger and more sensibility for our little planet. I am an atheist who fully respects others believes, and a pragmatist who tries to get the best out of the time I got to live.