May 27, 2013

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Buildbot is an excellent tool used by many well known products like Firefox and Google Chrome. Although it is used to build complex projects from code compilation to packaging it can also be used to do continuous integration of smaller projects and apps.

Buildbot can get notifications from services like GitHub and BitBucket, and from in-house hosted repositories. It can be set up to trigger builds on results of other builds and allows full service control through IRC among many other features.

In this story I show how to set up Buildbot to do continuous integration of a sample web app and a sample dependent web project. I focus on using Git repositories, hosted in both Github and your own location.

Dec 26, 2012

A common pattern to many software engineering teams is that with the growth often comes a lack of communication. As a matter of fact, we developers naturally disappear behind the monitor and tend to code more than to socialize.

In the best-case scenario the lack of communication does not interfere with team commitments. But it may also make people less participative and supportive. Team goals can become blurry, and people may lose motivation and traction. At the end what it seemed to be simple and easy to achieve becomes difficult and time consuming. Even qualified team mates start to leave looking for better conditions.

In this story I introduce a couple of easy to drive social events that may help your software engineering team stay on the right track.

Sep 29, 2012

Writing in draft mode and posting in future are among the set of features provided for the first release of Django-dress-blog.

Since last changes a post can also be in Review mode, letting other authors give you feedback on your upcoming post. In addition, a new menu item in the navigation bar helps authors see how unpublished content will look like by switching on and off their visibility.

Unpublished content shows up with different backgrounds depending on whether the post is in draft mode, in review mode, or already public and waiting to hit the publication date.

Sep 22, 2012

In the documentation of django-comments-xtd, django-inline-media and django-dress-blog I explain how to install the demo site of each application. However, sometimes it's useful to see the demo up and running before putting our hands on the code. With that intention I have set up demo sites for the aforementioned django apps.

In order to see how they are integrated with the admin interface the three demos allow admin access too. You can see the already existing model instances, modify them and add new instances. Just keep in mind that the database is initialized every 30 minutes.

Sep 12, 2012


The Web, the once Reign of the True Freedom, is being conquered again. There are over 600 million websites all over the world, according to Netcraft. And the question is, What programming languages do they talk? C, Perl, Java, PHP, Python? Does not matter, JavaScript is taking over.

For those of us who grew up programming CGIs in Perl, the Web has never been a land of one unique language. Many languages have done their way in the Web supporting the creation of successful frameworks, CMSs, plug-ins and libraries. But none of them have ever been as strong in the Web as JavaScript. One language to rule them all, one to bring them and in the brightness bind them.